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At ANHH we believe in being to the point, for a change.

This means that we focus on embracing positive change by always aiming to facilitate improvement.

Today’s blog focuses on our fourth and final value – Changemakers.

So, what is a changemaker?

At times, we may struggle to associate ourselves with this term, as the task of being “the change you want to see in the world” feels unrealistic.

Yet, anyone who consistently strives to improve the environment around them is a changemaker.

By recognising the effectiveness of small steps in making a difference, it helps to make change feel like a more attainable goal.

Our ANHH team understands that in an organisation, these small steps are enabled through good governance:

Leadership: An organisation that is clear on each level of the decision-shaping process can enable change in the most productive way. It invites positive and constructive challenge rather than avoiding difficult subjects.

Vision: Having a collective understanding of the goal an organisation is working towards provides a purpose for change.

Strategy: The plan to achieve the vision makes the long-term change easier to accomplish.

Risk: A changemaker understands that risk is not always a detrimental aspect of an organisation! It provides the opportunity to be curious about ways to make improvements.

Assurance: Knowing that the change will happen due to appropriate evidence and action.

Transparency: This avoids being misled in the ability to achieve a goal, therefore doesn’t prevent changemakers from acting on their proposed improvements.

To change the world is a large ask, but being a changemaker is a step towards fulfilling this ask.

The ANHH team is committed to upholding this value, as by being changemakers, we can focus on the detail of problem-solving to ensure our clients achieve the best outcomes.

What does being a changemaker mean to you?

Please reach out if you have a governance challenge we can help with.

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