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5 Tools for ICS Success

Navigating life after lockdown has created an increase in health inequalities, as well as the demand to address them.

This begs the question; how can an ICS thrive?

ANHH recently attended the King’s Fund Conference for Integrated Care In Practice: Realising the Potential of Integrated Care Systems. Here, the Director of System Transformation at NHSE highlighted the 5 critical tools for collaboration:

1) Share ambition

A shared ambition means that each partner is working towards the same goal. By striving for the same ambition, it makes it easier to create purpose, innovation, and efficiency through an alignment of priorities.

2) Remove friction

Without friction, there is space to build strong collaborative relationships between all organisations involved. It makes it easier to work on activities together, whilst simultaneously providing opportunities for transition. This can be applied to relationships with the third sector, as it ensures that each partner is valued equally.

3) Share values

This develops a culture of working together as a single team to achieve the needs of the population.

4) Listen

The ability to listen to others not only allows everyone to be and feel heard, it removes boundaries between partners, staff, service users, and the community.

5) Harness the energy

It is important to recognise that each ICS faces unique challenges. However, the ability for leadership support to rapidly progress the set-up phase of an ICS onto real impact can combat these challenges.

After hearing these 5 tools, it highlights the importance of an ICS in shifting the focus to the difference made in people’s lives.

ANHH is currently working with partners in Birmingham and Solihull to help establish a provider collaborative for mental services, which will go live on 1 April 2023. The 5 tools resonate with our experience; as ever, major change is driven by behaviour more than any

number of policies, plans, or agreements.

If you’d like to learn more about what we’re doing and how ANHH could support your project, please email me at

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