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At ANHH we have taken the turn of the new year to be the new us!

With a spring in our step, we made a decision to re-consider our values to determine whether they fit with our growing business and workforce.

We held various sessions over a few weeks and together with our team, now feel more confident and secure than ever in the values that represent us.

This week’s blog focuses on the first of our values: Partnering.

At ANHH we chose Partnering as we truly believe in working together with our clients.

We don’t go by the “them and us” mentality, we prefer “one team”.

We work in a very open and honest way with communication being key throughout our time together. We are fortunate enough within our team, to have the flexibility to work with many clients at once, but never losing sight of making our clients feel like they are the only one.

We value the meetings with our clients, we love the face-to-face aspect to share goals and understanding, being clear on what is right for them.

We are diligent throughout the process not to fly off at a tangent of what we think is right, rather than our client having their say. We stay clear on the vision and listen to feedback always.

What do you think when you see Partnering? We’d love to hear your views and, as ever, please reach out if you have a governance challenge that we can work with you to address.

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