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As Sindy recently described in her Partnering blog, here at ANHH we have reconsidered our values and now feel that our new ones speak for all of us as a collective.

This week’s blog focuses on the second of our values: No-Nonsense.

What exactly does “no-nonsense” mean when describing an organisation? What comes to mind for some is humourless, unforgiving, not very approachable, would never tolerate anything called “team building”. An organisation that is “by the book”.

However, in practice “no-nonsense” doesn’t mean that at all. For us at ANHH it means focused, disciplined, practical, sensible, balanced, and level-headed. Our clients define their objective and ANHH use a no-nonsense approach by carrying out work in a way that is required to achieve what is intended.

By positively contributing to an organisation by doing work that really matters and not just keeping busy, enables clients to feel that we are “to the point” and “for a change”.

What do you think when you see No-Nonsense?

If ANHH can support you with a “no nonsense” approach, please let us know

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